Spare the Baton is an offshoot of Spare the Rod, an anti child abuse, police brutality, and ICE/immigration abuse network and non profit. Spare the Baton’s main goal is to expose the overuse of force anywhere in the world by law enforcement and immigration, while Spare the Rod focuses on the abusive troubled teen industry programs, which are essentially private prisons for those under 18.

Spare the Baton is based out of Portland, OR and founded by activist and abuse survivor Brett Harper. Brett has had numerous run-ins with Portland police and has been arrested under false charges several times. He has CPTSD and feels strongly about being a voice against police brutality and excessive force especially since most of that excessive force is directed at BIPOC and people with disabilities. Having seen what Portland cops, and other police forces are capable of, and having experienced brutality himself being badly beaten during an arrest in 2016, Brett refuses to stand idly by and remain silent! He has dedicated this website to fighting back and being a voice for those being persecuted and abused by the police, especially the poor, BIPOC, and disabled. 

Spare the Baton is a new off-shoot of Brett’s non profit. We are looking to partner with camera crews, journalists, activists, and social media and website experts! We need your help creating a space that will help raise more awareness around specific incidents, pressure politicians to change and hold people accountable, and hopefully pass legislation that will begin to reform our abusive, out of control, fascist, racist, ablest police! Thank you for your time and attention to this matter! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have or suggestions! Thank you!